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"At Epson, our vision includes using our technologies and range of products to work with innovative partners to solve societal challenges by improving usability and  co-creation, collaboration and investment.


We believe that by using our technology resources effectively and combining them with other technologies, we can create new and greater value together with our partners, thereby developing solutions to meet customer needs.


We’re very excited to launch this year's Epson Innovation Challenge series as part of our Open Innovation Program efforts and are welcoming global innovators, developers and startups to join this unique opportunity! 


Since 2019, Epson has been very actively engaging with the startup community not only with our “HackTrek” hackathons in Japan, but also with our global strategic programs to uncover emerging technologies, trends and cutting-edge technology startups."


Junkichi Yoshida, 

COO of Epson's Printing Solutions Division and Chairman of the Epson Innovation Challenge Executive Committee

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Winners of

Epson Innovation Challenge #3

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1st: Anjali Sridharan
2nd: Yagub Rahimov, Ali Khodabakhsh & Vignesh Karumbaya (
3rd: Ken Morris, Supriyo Sanyal & Chirag Gehlot (Chordify Inc.)

Fostering Communication and Collaboration

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We've been innovators since 1942. We developed the first electronic printer for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and we launched the world's first mini-printer in 1968. Since then, we’ve never stopped innovating and have built a global reputation for user-friendly precision hardware products.


Our core focus is to develop products that are enriching lives and help to create a better world. In 2019, we launched our Open Innovation program to actively invite creative innovators like you to join us in developing cutting-edge technology solutions,offerings and user experience using our secure cloud service Web API called Epson Connect™ with a focus to foster communication and collaboration.

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Opportunity Snapshot: Why you should partner with Epson

Epson is on a mission to provide an attractive platform for innovative partners to develop new solutions and user experiences on top of Epson’s print and scan products that will foster communication and collaboration. 

Key Value Insights

Top Verticals

  • Leader in scan and print technology

  • Installed base of 10s of millions of printers and scanners

  • Reaching across more than 150 countries

  • Government

  • Legal

  • House of Worship

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

Developers want to integrate with Epson’s redefined Secure Cloud Scan & Print solution to offer value added services to their applications and for their customers.

Epson Connect™ acts as an additional secure cloud-based interface to process data and trigger scan & print workflows across your applications and services.

Create new revenue generating opportunities and re-imagine how to automate workflows to increase productivity and provide new user experiences throughout the enterprise, in education or at home.

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Epson Connect API

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The Epson Connect™ API allows developer applications to control print and scan functions through Epson Connect, (Epson’s cloud service). This creates an additional layer of interface that could enhance user experience. The Epson Connect API could provide functionalities such as:

  • Print remotely from any major operation system (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS device)

  • Send and share scanned documents across various cloud services

  • Enhance user data protection by deleting files uploaded to Epson Connect instantly after printing


These are just some examples of what functionalities the Epson Connect™ API could bring.

Using Mobile Phones


Epson is a Japan-headquartered manufacturing company which provides printing solutions, visual communications, wearable products, and industrial solutions. Since 1942, Epson's DNA has continued to embody the idea of efficient, compact, precision technology, and now their IoT hubs enable customers to access this whenever and wherever you are. Epson is helping their customers in education, tourism, healthcare, and disaster prevention tackle the challenges. By providing timely solutions to issues, they create customer-centric long term relationships, offering continuous support in solving social issues. Learn more at

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Foundry 415 is a Silicon Valley - San Francisco based innovation company accelerating the success of global corporate innovators and technology entrepreneurs.  Our team has worked with 40+ global corporations to drive innovation results by uncovering new trends and opportunities, scouting cutting-edge startups for strategic partnership, investment or acquisition, and successfully piloting new business concepts. Alongside its consulting practice, Foundry 415 powers the growth of startups through impactful acceleration and landing-pad programs and offers custom executive education programs with a focus on innovation. Learn more at



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