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"At Epson, our vision includes using our technologies and range of products to work with innovative partners to solve societal challenges by improving usability and  co-creation, collaboration and investment.


We believe that by using our technology resources effectively and combining them with other technologies, we can create new and greater value together with our partners, thereby developing solutions to meet customer needs.


We’re very excited to launch this year's Epson Innovation Challenge series as part of our Open Innovation Program efforts and are welcoming global innovators, developers and startups to join this unique opportunity! 


Since 2019, Epson has been very actively engaging with the startup community not only with our “HackTrek” hackathons in Japan, but also with our global strategic programs to uncover emerging technologies, trends and cutting-edge technology startups."


Junkichi Yoshida, 

COO of Epson's Printing Solutions Division and Chairman of the Epson Innovation Challenge Executive Committee

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Get Creative and Make an Impact!

Open Call for all Innovators, Developers and Startups to participate in the
Epson Innovation Challenge #3

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Date: October 26 - November 3, 2023

Location: Remote or on-site at one of the locations below.

Fostering Communication and Collaboration

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We've been innovators since 1942. We developed the first electronic printer for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and we launched the world's first mini-printer in 1968. Since then, we’ve never stopped innovating and have built a global reputation for user-friendly precision hardware products.


Our core focus is to develop products that are enriching lives and help to create a better world. In 2019, we launched our Open Innovation program to actively invite creative innovators like you to join us in developing cutting-edge technology solutions, offerings and user experience using our secure cloud service Web API called Epson Connect™ with a focus to foster communication and collaboration.

Join the Epson Innovation Challenge #3 

We’ve arrived at an exciting frontier of technology innovation and designed the Epson Innovation Challenge for developers, product designers and cutting edge startups to rapidly test their creativity and skills developing innovative solutions with the Epson Connect API on top of world renowned hardware products. Epson offers an attractive platform of over tens of millions sold printers and scanners across more than 150 countries. This is a very unique opportunity where innovators could get a rocket boost by partnering with a trusted brand with global reach.


Epson is especially interested in solutions that compliments customer needs of sizable user populations in consumer and B2B markets, leveraging technologies such as Generative AI, ML, or OCR. Desired solutions are those that create a clear competitive advantage for the user experience compared to a standard print or scan function. Participants should bundle print or scan services to create a digital to analog to digital information flow. For instance:

  • Automated printing workflows on top of photo management applications (i.e Google Photos) or social media (i.e Instagram, Pinterest). Allowing users to create tangible photo albums from their memories and interests at home.

  • Customized media printouts based on topics of interests identified through user preferences from media applications (i.e Apple News, news blogs or coupon websites for seniors)

  • Using AI to generate automated personalized greeting cards for every moment including birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries of loved ones.

  • Provide on-demand distributed printing and scanning services at strategically located facilities such as libraries, coffee shops, hotels, co-working spaces, office printing centers, and transit hubs, enhancing accessibility to printing solutions.

  • Integrate a comprehensive printing and scanning solution that bridges disparate system interfaces, converting output data into physical and subsequently digitizing it. Enhancing value and enriching the user experience across diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, and government.

Innovation Challenge ideas must leverage Epson Connect™, the secure cloud service for scan and print workflows and will have to look beyond a simple print or scan function in their solution. MVP solution demos will also use the Epson EcoTank series, an excellent IoT printer producing high quality prints at a more affordable price point than the competition. Desirable ideas will demonstrate a creative mix of scanning, data processing, and printing to address untapped opportunities in both consumer and commercial use cases.

Get creative on how we can simplify and enhance information sharing and collaboration. There are no limits in innovation! We’re looking forward to your application and joining us to enrich lives and help to create a better world! Should you have any questions feel free to email for any queries.

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  • One Epson EF12 projector for the top 3 winning teams**

  • Cash Prizes**

    • 1st Prize: $5,000

    • 2nd Prize: $2,000

    • 3rd Prize: $1,000

  • All selected participant teams receive EPSON Challenge merchandise + an Epson printer or scanner used for the Challenge can be kept!**

*Prizes are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. No cash alternative is offered for non-cash awards.

** Terms and Conditions Apply


Opportunity Snapshot: Why you should partner with Epson

Epson is on a mission to provide an attractive platform for innovative partners to develop new solutions and user experiences on top of Epson’s print and scan products that will foster communication and collaboration. 

Key Value Insights

Top Verticals

  • Leader in scan and print technology

  • Installed base of 10s of millions of printers and scanners

  • Reaching across more than 150 countries

  • Government

  • Legal

  • House of Worship

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

Developers want to integrate with Epson’s redefined Secure Cloud Scan & Print solution to offer value added services to their applications and for their customers.

Epson Connect™ acts as an additional secure cloud-based interface to process data and trigger scan & print workflows across your applications and services.

Create new value-creation opportunities and re-imagine how to automate workflows to increase productivity and provide new user experiences throughout the enterprise, in education or at home.

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How Can You Create An Impact?

Develop a working MVP (minimum viable product) concept during our Challenge week using the Epson Connect™ API and an Epson printer or scanner. 
Never worked with an Epson product before? No problem. Your dedicated Epson Mentor will support you. You will also receive a technical resources guide and a briefing during our Challenge kick-off.

You also don’t have to wait until the Challenge and can register already today for an Epson Connect™ account!

Getting Ready for Demo Day

At Demo Day, you will pitch your concept and showcase the MVP in front of our judging panel, consisting of Epson’s top management and innovation team. 


To be accepted for Demo Day, participants have to: 

1) Register a developer account on and obtain a license,    

2) Develop solution that integrates with Epson Connect™ API

3) Demonstrate that MVP solution is using Epson Connect API linkage to print out or scan a document, 

4) Demo pitch deck must be submitted one day before demo day. 


We're excited to see you!

Epson Connect API

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The Epson Connect™ API allows developer applications to control print and scan functions through Epson Connect™, (Epson’s cloud service). This creates an additional layer of interface that could enhance user experience. The Epson Connect API could provide functionalities such as:

  • Print remotely from any major operation system (Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS device)

  • Send and share scanned documents across various cloud services

  • Enhance user data protection by deleting files uploaded to Epson Connect instantly after printing


These are just some examples of what functionalities the Epson Connect™ API could bring.

Using Mobile Phones

Previous Participant Experiences

Epson’s Innovation Challenge served as an extraordinary platform to exhibit the synergy of ingenuity, technology, and social impact. The highpoint for me was unlocking the transformative power of Epson’s Print and Scan APIs and applying them innovatively to streamline immigration processes - a cause close to my heart as an immigrant in America. The ability to present Immigrant First’s vision of democratizing access to immigration education to an avant-garde organization like Epson was not only an honor but also a powerful validation of the untapped potential that exists when technology is applied to serve human needs.”

-​​Atal Agarwal, Co-founder of

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“As independent developers, we used the Epson Innovation Challenge to combine novel AI software with mature hardware to extend the capabilities of both. We enjoyed building in community with other developers and learned a lot from pushing our limits to building a complete, working web application in under a week. Post-challenge, we’re continuing work to turn SessionScribe from a winning pitch into a winning business.”

- Christopher Smith

Timeline for Epson Innovation Challenge #3

The duration of the Challenge is one week to give participants enough time to come up with creative and high-quality ideas and to allow everyone to participate alongside their regular job. 

Application deadline: 

Selection of participants: 


Demo Day: 

October 15th, 2023, 11:59pm PT

October 18th, 2023

October 26th, 2023 at 5:00pm PT

November 3rd, 2023 at 5:00pm PT 

How to Apply

We welcome domain experts from all industries, not just software development and consumer products industry. Successful solutions require a combination of technical expertise and domain knowledge. Coding experience is recommended.


Interested Developers and Startup Teams can submit their application via Challenge Application form. Each application will be screened and an Epson selection committee will choose the candidates to be invited. Applicants will be evaluated based on previous experience including software and application development or UX design. Applicants that are considered best fit will be invited via email.


Submission of an entry does not guarantee participation in the Epson Innovation Challenge. Admission to the Challenge is at Epson’s sole discretion. Epson and its hackathon operator are not responsible for incomplete, lost or misdirected entries or entries received after the deadline.


Epson is a Japan-headquartered manufacturing company which provides printing solutions, visual communications, wearable products, and industrial solutions. Since 1942, Epson's DNA has continued to embody the idea of efficient, compact, precision technology, and now their IoT hubs enable customers to access this whenever and wherever you are. Epson is helping their customers in education, tourism, healthcare, and disaster prevention tackle the challenges. By providing timely solutions to issues, they create customer-centric long term relationships, offering continuous support in solving social issues. Learn more at

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