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Executive Education 
& Startup Programs

Foundry 415 helps global organizations build innovation strategies and grow innovation skills and understanding of emerging technologies. 


For government economic development agencies, we work with you to design and implement highly impactful startup landing pad and accelerator programs customized to achieve your key objectives.

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Stefano Romanazzi

“Throughout my journey (in Silicon Valley), I met brilliant individuals from all over the world, attended eye-opening lectures and, most of all, experienced a new culture I totally fell in love with.

Pieces of a puzzle that have contributed so much to my professional and personal growth in just two months”


Stefano Romanazzi

Product Marketing Manager at

Global Startup Program participant

We help you build and execute powerful executive education programs to...

Gain a working knowledge of Silicon Valley: its ecosystem, culture and mindset. 


Access the tools to build, run, and scale a business.


Solve existing challenges, optimize internal processes, kick start new public or private ventures, or optimize your deal flow.


Learn how to harness cutting-edge technologies to strengthen your company's competitiveness and sustainability.

Innovation. Are you keeping up? 

Technology moves fast. It can be tough to keep up with the latest technology trends. Knowing how the latest technologies will impact your company - and what to do about it - that's even more difficult. We can help.

We design executive education programs that are more akin to bootcamps and workshops. We convene dynamic expert practitioner instructors who provide the essential information corporate executives need.


Our program formats range from a talk or workshop to week-long programs. We can deliver programs at your organization, in Silicon Valley, online and hybrid.


Contact Foundry 415 to build your technology innovation toolkit through a custom-designed program to help you to thrive today...and in the future. 

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Startup Programs - Making the Most of Your Investment

We know that every landing pad or startup accelerator program is an investment in your country or region's economy and future. We take that commitment seriously and work with you to optimize the program curriculum and activities to maximize program outcomes.

Every entrepreneur participating in our programs is pursuing a big vision, and doing so at considerable risk. We excel at helping startups become investor ready, acquire new customers and evaluate scaling to the US market. Entrepreneurs also learn how to navigate the Silicon Valley ecosystem and gain inspiration from understanding the Silicon Valley mindset.

In-person Programs
Digital Transformation
Global Network
Industry Specific
Virtual Programs
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Multimodal Education

Custom webinars, panels, site visits, workshops, and seminars help your team understand Silicon Valley mindset, culture and language

We use role playing and other instruction modalities to shift program participants from passive to ACTIVE learning mode.

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Domain Specific Learning

Focus on a type of innovation, an industry, specific technology application (such as Robotics, Energy or Synthetic Biology)...

or on innovation skills, such as Agile & Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and creative Ideation …

or on emerging practices, like Future of Work or applying Sustainability to your business

Access to a Curated Community

We have strong, deep and diverse networks in the Silicon Valley startup and tech ecosystem - and globally. Need someone who can explain quantum computing to your senior leadership?. We know who to ask.

Launching a Corporate Venture Capital group? a We can convene a forum of CVC veterans to inform your strategy.

We cut through the Silicon Valley hype to get you the insights & information you need.

Why work with Foundry 415?

Our experts have deep and diverse experience working in startups, 
venture capital and open innovation across the most forwarding-thinking organizations, in Silicon Valley and around the world:

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Custom Programs

From half day trainings to 3-month incubator and accelerator programs, we help you solve your specific problems by developing solutions that actually work for you.

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Programs that Deliver 

Our applied, practical approach to executive education and innovation program design quickly moves participants from learning - to applying new insights to boost your company's strategy.

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A Roadmap to Accelerate Growth

Learning about innovative technologies is awesome, but then what? We guide you to develop a roadmap to take the next steps with your new knowledge and share with colleagues, so that you can build the future together.

Overview Program Types

Foundry 415 Program Services creates world class customized programs focused on Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneuriship.

Innovation Workshop
Executive Education
60-90 minute innovation workshop
3-5 day program
6-8 weeks
Starts at $7,000* USD
Starts at $18,000* USD
Starts at $100,000* USD

*Cost varies based on customizable elements: speaker sourcing, moderation/ facilitation, venue, program management, catering, demo day production and post-event report package.

Learn more about our executive education & startup programs

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